Links to nature conservation projects.

The Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG) is an international consortium of zoos and related institutions working together to conserve Madagascar's lemurs and other spectacular wildlife. Discover how we're helping Madagascar & lemurs.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, formerly known as The Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund is the only non-governmental organisation in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation of endemic species.

Zurich Zoo.
The Masoala rainforrest. 

Masoala National Park.

Durrell Wildlife’s mission is to save wild animals from extinction. To achieve it trough scientific expertise and dedication in the field and at the Jersey Zoo.

Link to lots of conservation projects.

Founded by Helmut Zimmermann.
The goals of the foundation are the protection and the conservation of the tropical flora and fauna: the NAT supports projects on habitat and species conservation, programmes incorporating community-based sustainable resource use, rainforest restauration and education programmes.

World Wildlife Found.
Leads conservation efforts protecting endangered species and their habitats around the world.

Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles works to preserve the species and environments of the Seychelles islands through practical conservation, research and publication.

Links to other Phelsuma pages.

Interessengruppe Phelsuma
German organisation specializing in Phelsuma.
Publish the journal IG four times a year.If you are into the genus Phelsuma this is the organisation to join.

Gecko Ranch
Owned by US breeder Julie Bergman
Gecko freak breeding lots of rare and common geckos. Nice webbsite with caresheets,online store and moore.Visit !


Leaping Lizard
Greg & Leann`s homepage.
Great webbsite with tons of information about daygeckos


International Breeders Association
Great webbsite with lots of info on breeders



Global Gecko Association
The organisation to join if you are interested in geckos.
Publish the journal Gecko and Chit Chat.Great webbsite with listserve,contact list and much moore.


Homepage from 
Emanuell van Heygen.
Very informative in all aspects on the
genus Phelsuma.


The best forum on Phelsumas.




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