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A group of lizards that have become very popular is the incredible beautiful geckos of the genus Phelsuma. One of the reasons are of course the brilliant collors and an other that they are active during the day. For those of you who wants a pet lizard, this is where you stop reading. All species are extremly fast and do not like to be handled. To keep them in a terrarium is like having a nice aquarium. It is something you like to watch and not disturb unless nessesary.

The species of the genus origin from Madagascar, the Comoros,the Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, the Afrikan mainland and one specie from Andaman Islands. Today the genus have 66 species including subspecies. The last two was described in autum 2004. The names of these are P.kely and P.vanheygeni. Allmost every year new species have been described. Unfortunately many species will never be found because of heavy natural habitat destruction in there native areas. Many species live in very limited areas, and this makes them very sensitive to deforrestation, and the capture of wild animales for the pet trade.

Do not buy wildcaught animales.
A god idea is allways to join a local herpetological society. You will learn moore about the animales that you are interested in and you will meet lots of new friends.
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